Iconic Color's

ICONIC Color's, iconic and timeless elegance, with a contemporary touch !

Rangoon — A shiny burnt henna, endless splendour of an Asian treasure

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It is essential to be able to effectively remove make-up from the eyes, without rubbing or…Learn more

Total Bi-Phase Eye Make-up Remover — Oil-in-water formula to get rid of all types of make-up.


A virus has turned fashion codes on their heads. Isolation and social distancing have created new…Learn more

Flower Magic Color's — FLOWER MAGIC Color's, let the magic of colours and flowers operate !


The tip of the nail is the most fragile, most unprotected part and breaks easily. This…Learn more

Mavala Scientifique K+ — Nail hardener.


Skin discomfort, sensitivity, lack of elasticity, lines and wrinkles .… your dry or mature skin does…Learn more

Nutri-Elixir — Skin discomfort, sensitivity, lack of elasticity, lines and wrinkles .… your dry or mature skin does not produce enough lipids. Its barrier function is impaired, leading to a moisture loss and a greater vulnerability to harmful environmental factors. The skin becomes fragile, thinner and ages prematurely.


Eye lashes are an essential element of face beauty. Double-Lash contains a natural extract rich in…Learn more

Double-Lash — A nutritive care for longer, fuller lashes.


Make-ups the eyes with a fascinating glow. Specially formulated for the delicate skin of the eyelide,…Learn more

Eye Liner — For fine and precise lines. Long-lasting.


The Mini Color's - small golden cap bottle - relies on a simple yet great idea.…Learn more

Mini Color nail polish — Make-up the nails, while allowing them to breathe naturally.


Nails are subjected to repeated dehydrating external factors (water, detergents, surfactants, inadequate nail polish removers,…), causing…Learn more

Mava-Strong — Fortifying and protective base coat for nails.