The summit’s best-kept secret!

Multi-Moisturizing  Snow Mask — The summit’s best-kept secret!

Dehydrated skin lacks moisture. It feels tight and wrinkles appear prematurely. Less protected by a thinner cutaneous barrier, it is more reactive and more likely to redden.

Discover AQUA PLUS Snow Mask Multi-Hydratant for Face and Eyes
Refreshes skin

94% Natural origin ingredients

Snow Mask glucidic complex boosts the 3 key mechanisms of skin’s hydration:
1. Reinforces its natural barrier function.
2. Increases its water reserves.
3. Maximizes water circulation within the skin.
Formula enriched in Glycerin of vegetal origin for an instant moisture and in dermo-soothing Swiss Mallow flower.

How to use

Apply twice a week on clean face, eye contour and neck. Leave it to act for 10 minutes. Remove excess with cotton pad.

Its texture

Gel-in-oil emulsion that frees its water microdroplets on the skin for unique freshness and sensoriality.

Expected results

The skin is quenched, soft, supple and soothed.


Face and Eyes

Soothes, moisturizes and refreshes skin


Apply Snow Mask upon awakening to smooth out the skin.

Dermatologically tested.
Ophthalmologically tested