With Sticker Guides.

Kit French Manicure Silver — With Sticker Guides.

The techniques proposed by MAVALA set themselves perfectly into the context of natural make-up and match with all types of clothing.

The natural nail with just a hint of colour is a welcome alternative to those vivid colours. The manicure lasts longer and the imperfections are less visible. The "French Manicure Silver" is obtained with nail polish "Genève 22" and nail polish "Arosa 90" for an elegant silver touch. The kit also contains "Minute Quick-Finish" fast dryer that adds incomparable shine.

How to use

Prepare your nails according to MAVALA manicure method. Apply a protective base coat on the entire nail plate and allow to dry for a few seconds. Place on each nail, a STICKER GUIDE to define the surface that will be highlighted. Apply a coat of "Genève 22" on the free edge of the nail, with short vertical strokes or with one horizontal movement, following the curve of the nail. Remove the STICKER GUIDES immediately and let the white nail polish dry. Then, apply one coat of the pastel nail polish "Arosa 90" to the ENTIRE nail surface (including the tip covered with white nail polish). Proceed with a second coat for a stronger pastel look. Wait a few seconds. End with a coat of "Minute Quick-Finish".