Dermo-cleanse your skin with Alpine softness !

Alpine Softness  Micellar Water — Dermo-cleanse your skin with Alpine softness !

Thorough cleansing of your skin morning and evening is the very first beauty step. Yet, in case of unsuitable products, this essential step can alter the skin's protecting hydrolipidic film and lead to irritations and discomfort.

Alpine Softness Micellar Water is a dermo-cleanser mountain water, ideal for sensitive skin and eyes.
It perfectly cleanses and dissolves make-up and urban toxins by gently capture all impurities. Its fragrance- and soap-free formula, with physiological pH respects even the most delicate skins and eyes. Highly concentrated in pure water from the Alps and Swiss dermo-soothing Mallow flower, it also contains ultra-gentle micelles, used in baby care products.

How to use

Soak a cotton pad with product and gently apply on face, eyes and neck, without rubbing. Repeat until cotton pad is clean. Morning and evening. Without rinsing.
Can also gently remove excess from masks.

Its texture

Crystal clear water.

Expected results

In a few seconds, face and eye make-up, even stubborn, is removed. Skin is soothed and regains absolute comfort.


Formula specially developed for sensitive skin and eyes: physiological pH (5.0-5.3), fragrance- and soap-free.

Dermatologically tested.
Ophthalmologically tested