Completes cleansing and stimulates skin

Smooth Toning Lotion

Toning Lotion is the necessary complementary product to a cleanser. It revitalises, stimulates and prepares the face to accept additional treatment in the best possible way.

Mavalia Smooth Toning Lotion, gently and subtly scented, delicately completes the cleansing of your skin and brightens your complexion. It contains the active botanical ingredients mallow extract and calendula extract for their astringent, refreshing, smoothing and slightly purifying properties. Both help maintain an ideal moisture level.

How to use:
Without rubbing, apply to a perfectly clean face with a soft cotton pad. Dab face with a soft tissue should there be an excess of product left on the skin. Follow with a Mavalia moisturising product.

Suitable for normal to dry and sensitive skin. Non-irritating. Alcohol-free.