Removes dead tissue delicately and stimulates cell renewal

Smooth Exfoliating Cream

Peeling or exfoliating creams remove impurities from the epidermis, help stimulate skins renewal and make it more receptive to following treatments. The Mavalia Smooth Exfoliating Cream contains a natural abrasive agent (Diatomaceous Earth), botanical extracts (mallow, lemon, green tea, seaweed, grape seed oil) and allantoin. It delicately removes dead tissue and sebaceous secretions while helping diminish minor marks or skin imperfections.

The exfoliating actions also encourages cutaneous cell renewal and helps prevent skin from premature aging. This exfoliating cream will leave your complexion clear and refined.

How to use:
Apply a small amount on cleansed face and neck avoiding eye contour and eyelids. Massage for a few minutes. Rinse with clear water. Continue with suitable toning lotion and care cream from the Mavalia range. Recommended use: once a week or once a fortnight for more delicate or sensitive skin types. Precaution: Do not apply to irritated or damaged skin.

Suitable for all skin types.