Restoring and smoothing face care cream

Restoring Night Cream

A very dry and devitalised skin is recognisable by its dull complexion, roughness, tightness and redness. The lack of natural ceramides endangers the barrier function of the skin and its capacity to retain water. In the long term, skin becomes fragile, it loses density, the epidermis thins down and ages faster.

Thanks to a Performing Moisture Complex and Coenzyme Q10 (anti-ageing), this cream restores and maintains skins moisture balance, restarts skins ceramides synthesis and protects them against oxidation to allow normal and healthy skin cell regeneration. Shea butter firms and a patented active, with glycin soja protein, gives an efficient protection against irritation, pollution, ozone, UV rays, etc. Day by day this rich formula improves the suppleness, elasticity and resistance of the epidermis.

How to use:
Apply this cream every night onto cleansed face and neck skin. In the morning, complete your regime by using Mavalia. Renovating Cream for the daytime.

Suitable for very dry, devitalised skin.